Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And she's off!

It's been a long week. 

This sweet, nearly perfect girl, returned to the Seeing Eye last week. 
It was dreadful putting her into the van.  Her send off included every favorite activity she'd come to love while under our roof.  It was my way of loving on her for the final moments.  Truthfully, I think she knew something was up, because she rarely got THAT spoiled in the span of a few hours.  Smart puppy.

Our house has been so much quieter without her.  Even Cinnamon has been mopey.  This girl left her mark.  No puppy was better behaved, more obedient, more loving or more loyal.  That's hard to find and even harder to lose.

But she's off to do great things, by God's grace.

Ophelia, you were loved, and you loved well.
Mommy misses you.


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